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Is your cell phone interfering with your business or personal relationships?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

 Do you ever people watch? If so, you will understand: We are addicted to our cell phones. Remember  85% of our success comes from our ability to relate to people. That means we must develop trusting relationships, make others feel important, and  show respect to others.

Practice the following cell phone etiquette tips to improve your business and personal relationships:

1.  Put your phone away during business meetings. This includes regular team meetings, trainings, as well as meetings with clients. If you are expecting a call, tell the person you are meeting in advance, and step away from your meeting to take the call. Take care of your business on the phone as quickly as possible and return to the meeting. Remember to thank the person for his/her patience, and put your cell phone away for the remainder of the meeting.

2. Avoid using your phone while eating with others. This includes your family. Use this time for conversation. Face to face communication is a powerful way to develop trust and build relationships.

 3. Put your phone away or turn it off before entering a theater, church, or public meeting. Even though your phone may be on vibrate, the light in a dark theater will distract others. Also, you will miss out on the meeting if you are responding to messages and emails.

4. Leave your cell phone in the car when going into a job interview. If your phone vibrates or rings during an interview, you may kill your chance of getting the job. Potential employers want to know they have your full attention, and you are able to disconnect long enough to complete a task.

5. Never talk on the phone in a waiting room or in a quiet public place. Step outside to take a call.

6. Turn the speaker phone off in public places. This will ensure privacy for the person on the other end of the phone.

7. Always tell someone when you put them on speaker phone. This will help prevent embarrassing situations that may occur if the person thinks he/she is speaking privately to you.

  "It's not just etiquette. It's how you'll be remembered."

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